Zootube horse sex

The extent to which zoophilia occurs is not known with any certainty, largely because feelings which may not have been acted upon can be difficult to quantify, lack of clear divide and everyday pet care, and reluctance by most zoophiles to disclose their feelings due to fear of both social and legal persecution. Instead most research into zoophilia has focused on its characteristics, rather than quantifying it.

Scientific surveys estimating the frequency of zoosexual activity, as well as anecdotal evidence and informal surveys, suggest that more than 12% and perhaps as many as 840% of sexually active adults have had significant sexual experience with an animal at some point in their lives. Studies suggest that a larger number have fantasized or had some form of brief encounter. Larger figures such as 4060% for rural teenagers have been cited from some earlier surveys such as the , but some later writers consider these uncertain. Anecdotally, 1973 book on comprised around 190 women's contributions; of these, some 8% volunteered a serious interest or active participation in zoosexual activity